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Stucco FAQs

Can you paint stucco?

Absolutely, painting stucco is a common application and can hide
inconsistency's. However, paint simply does not provide a 'texture' or a
'finish' for the wall or siding. We like to use elastomeric paint coatings
from Sherwin Williams and Behr Premium Plus.

What kinds of problems are the most common with stucco systems?

Cracking, water leaks in windows and doors, water intrusion,
substrate damages and color and finishes are the most common issues
with stucco. If you're worried about stucco failure in your home, it's
crucial to diagnose and solve any problems as quickly as possible by
getting a stucco inspection done. This can be hard to diagnose without
invasive or exploratory core sampling but there are several stucco
failure warning signs that concerned homeowners should keep an eye
out for.

What is an EIFS Stucco System?

EIFS is an acronym for "Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems". The product can also be referred to as synthetic stucco.

What are the different types of stucco systems?

There are three different stucco systems in common use:
• Exterior Insulating Finish Systems or EIFS
• Portland cement-based three-coat or conventional stucco systems
• Portland cement-based one-coat stucco systems